my story

It all began with a deep passion for sports, travel, and the joys of life. After completing my studies, I worked for a month as a volunteer in a small surfer village along Morocco’s coastline. By surfing with the locals, sitting by the campfire at night, playing music, and regularly burning hands on a Tajine, I learned more about the culture than I ever imagined. It was an absolutely truly authentic experience.

This transformative encounter ignited a deep desire within me to share these moments with others and enable them to enrich their own lives. I’m here to help you discover new places, challenge yourself, open your mind, and make extraordinary adventures happen. Let us embark on this incredible journey together, where we embrace authenticity and seize every opportunity for unforgettable experiences.

The Mission

My mission is to foster genuine connections by empowering local communities to develop their projects within the sports tourism industry. By supporting and amplifying the visions of locals, I aim to create memorable and meaningful interactions that leave a lasting impact on both visitors and the communities they explore.

Together with the local businesses, we create more than just remarkable experiences, we aim to make a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve. Through our initiatives, we actively contribute to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the regions we operate in. By working together, we can empower communities, create job opportunities, and preserve the natural and cultural heritage that makes each place so special.

the values


We interact dynamically with our environment, embrace movement and adapt to changing circumstances. When performing an activity, we aspire to fully immerse and engage in it, experiencing a state of effortless and seamless movement.


We show ourselves as we are. We embrace genuineness, seek deeper connections, and act honestly and sincerely, without pretense or imitation. We aim to inspire and empower others to be true to themselves and embrace their own uniqueness.


We consciously face and overcome challenges, adversity, or fear. We step outside of our comfort zones, confront obstacles, and pursue our goals and aspirations. By embracing courage, we push beyond self-imposed limitations and aspire to make a meaningful difference.

open mind

We are open to consider new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. We always try to approach situations with curiosity and without prejudice or preconceived notions.


We aim to create a foundation for a harmonious and inclusive society, where every individual is valued, treated fairly, and has the opportunity to thrive. We recognize and celebrate the variety of perspectives, cultures, and experiences that exist.


We expand our horizons by seeking knowledge, understanding, and pursuing new experiences. We incorporate and encourage exploration in physical spaces, intellectual pursuits, or even within oneself.

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